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Adventure Cruise Travel 

Explore with us on private yacht charter adventure voyages and small ship cruises to remote regions of the world only accessible by the sea. Our small ship cruises traverse remote wilderness coasts and ancient waterways of early explorers on specially designed yachts and small expedition ships providing ease of access up close with nature and native cultures in the safety and comfort of vessels specifically designed for the environment in which they operate. Adventure cruises provide some of the most exciting and intimate travel experiences with the greatest ease of travel.

Adventure Cruises

The Excitement and Expertise of our Small Yacht Charters and Expedition Cruises

Our adventure voyages combine the freedom and flexibility to adapt to local conditions, to accommodate the interests and abilities of passengers, and to maximize the excitement and photographic opportunities of unpredictable wildlife displays in the sea and on shore. We select vessels that provide the best naturalists, lecturers and native guides who share their knowledge, insight and expertise to help you plan what to expect each day so you get the most from your experience. And, on many voyages you will enjoy the company of other like-minded passengers from around the world who seek the same level of comfort, deeper experience and active participation

Family Adventure Cruises

We offer many special small-ship family adventure cruises for active and inquisitive families interested joining other like-minded parents and kids in exploring the world’s remote wildlands and indigenous cultures. Whether you charter your own small yacht or join a larger expedition vessel, adventure cruising appeals to experienced multi-generational family travelers by allowing everyone to easily and comfortably venture out into the world together. During the day more active, agile and adventurous family members can kayak, hike, swim, and snorkel, while other participants may prefer to relax, photograph, read and join in easy on-shore activities later reconnecting and sharing adventures together at lunch or around the table at the end of the day.

Specialized Yachts and Small Expedition Ships

We have carefully chosen the locations we operate our adventure voyages for their natural beauty and rich maritime cultural heritage. Vessels we have selected in each region are characteristic of the local maritime tradition and designed to operate with the greatest safety and least environmental and social impact. We use small Phoenician-style gulets on our Turkey and Greece Mediterranean voyages; only the best yachts and small expedition vessels on our Galapagos adventure cruises; top ice-breakers and luxury expedition ships on our Antarctica expedition voyages and Patagonia cruises; and on our Alaska small-ship cruises, we use small yachts operated by native Alaskans in Prince William Sound and Glacier Bay and specially retrofitted small adventure ships which cruise the Inside Passage.

In Indonesia we offer dynamic new adventures to trace in the footsteps of acclaimed evolutionary biologist Russel Wallace, exploring the far reaches and unique wildlife and cultures of the Eastern Archipelago with top naturalist guide Tony Whitten. In the summer our adventures depart from the culturally rich island of Bali, exploring the beautiful blue waters and islands of Komodo National Park with hikes to see dragons and incredible opportunities for snorkeling in this rich marine environment.