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Why Travel to Africa Now

We recognize travelers' sensitivities about planning a safari to Africa due to Ebola. There is a misperception that Africa in general is an unsafe destination, which is not true based on rational scientific fact about transmission, and what is known about how to contain the disease based on past Ebola outbreaks.

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Wildland Family Adventures

Share the joy of discovering new cultures, exotic wildlife, and fun adventures with your family. Join one of our scheduled family departures and we’ll match your family with others. Or ask us to plan your own private, custom family adventure that fits your schedule and style, including multi-generational trips that are flexibly designed to accommodate a wide range of abilities and interests.

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Galapagos Holiday Travel

In 2014, all of the available cabins we reserved for our Christmas-New Year's holiday voyages to Galapagos sold out by January 31 of 2014, a full 11 months in advance of departure! For the rest of the year we had to apologize to prospective Galapagos travelers that there was no space remaining during that peak travel period. But for December 2015, we are prepared to accommodate more travelers for the holidays.

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