7 tips for your best family adventure vacation



We recently gathered a group of parents together who had been on Wildland Family Adventures to ask them about their experiences and why they and their families keep coming back to Wildland. They had a lot to say:

"With Wildland Adventures, we can take our kids on a real adventure into foreign places to meet new people, take certain risks and personal challenges together... knowing that it is all within just the right margin of safety, always in great comfort, and in a way that cares for the people and places we visit!"

For over 30 years, we've been a part of many families' adventures. The following 7 family adventure tips are some of the key things we take into consideration when planning a Wildland Family Adventure:

#1. Explore and meet local people

Following local footpaths and country roads through villages and farmlands allows you to be a part of a local family life far different from your own. We walk with locals, visit farms and schools, arrange meals and sometimes overnights in local homes.

#2. Engage all family members

A family vacation should engage each member of the family in fun and enriching experiences. We realize, however, that this often means something different to each family member. We make sure that activities are planned around your younger child's interests and plan wilder adventures for your teens or college students!

#3. A good guide is key

Our family guides are often parents or teachers who share your children's desire for fun, spontaneity, discovery and exploration. They engage everyone according to their age, knowledge and attention span (and, when needed, empathize with tired or hungry kids too!)

#4. Build adventure anticipation

Our pre-departure packets for kids include colorful and engaging information such as laminated wildlife guides and picture books of the local culture. We try and include items that will pique a child's curiosities in anticipation of arrival in a new land (also included, of course, are packing lists so that everyone is prepared!)

#5. Sometimes it is the destination

We plan hikes and activities with specific goals in mind such as arrival at a waterfall and swimming hole or discovery of an ancient ruin buried in the jungle. Other activities like climbing to the top of an ancient temple in the jungle or successfully descending a white-water river are not only great fun, but confidence inspiring accomplishments as well.

#6. Let the kids shine

We plan activities in which any family member can participate and learn together. Some of these focus on discovering an inner source of strength, cultivating a new skill or stepping outside your comfort zone. Especially popular activities are ones where the kids excel and can show their parents or grandparents a thing or two!

#7. Kids leading kids

We often invite young people from the local area to join us on a walk, play soccer, or we may stop at a local home for lunch or dinner.

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