Types of Safari Activities

Driving Safaris

We use 4WD Land Rovers or Land Cruisers on all of our African safaris. In Eastern Africa, vehicles are almost always enclosed, with roof hatches allowing passengers to stand for better viewing. In Southern Africa open-sided vehicles are most common.

Most game drives in East Africa are in National Parks, so it is more common to see other vehicles. Off-road and night driving is generally not allowed. Established dirt tracks inside the parks ensure wildlife viewing at a close range.

Game drives in Southern Africa are often on private concessions where the number of vehicles is strictly limited, allowing for less crowded game viewing. Night drives and off-road driving is generally permitted. Click here to see all of our Africa Safaris.

Walking Safaris

If you're looking for a camp-to-camp walking safari, Southern Africa is a better choice. South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is renowned as the best walking destination in Africa. In East Africa, shorter bush walks are available outside the National Parks, often with Maasai or Hadzabe hunter gathers. See our Zambia Safaris or our Serengeti Wilderness Safari

Safari by boat

In Southern Africa, journeys by boat, canoe and mokoro afford great ways to safely observe hippos, crocodiles and a wide variety of wildlife as they congregate at the river bank to drink. The Okavanago Delta and Chobe River in Botswana and the Zambezi River in Zambia, offer the most water safari activities. In East Africa boat trips are only available on the Kasinga Channel in Uganda. Click here to see our Botswana Safaris or our Uganda Safaris.

Hot Air Balloons

One of the highlights for many safaris is a hot air balloon ride. These are available in the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara in Kenya, where the long plains allow for easy direction of the balloon. In Southern Africa balloon safaris are offered in Namibia.