Jeff Stivers

Jeff shares his passion for venturing out to explore new places and distant cultures both past and present. He holds a BA in Anthropology from Colorado College and has participated in archaeological field work on Easter Island, and in Tanzania, Niger, Sudan, and southwest Colorado. Along his journeys Jeff has developed language skills in French, Spanish, and Swahili. He believes that the ancient past can shed light the way for a better future. As Program Director with experience in East Africa, Belize, Guatemala, Morocco, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Jeff is intrigued by how both indigenous peoples and modern cultures cope with the new stresses and opportunities of globalization. Aside from travel, Jeff enjoys mountain biking, hiking, fishing, soccer, photography and cooking. Based on his extensive travel to remote regions of the world, he understands that the secret to having a rich and meaningful life-changing trip is to make honest, personal connections with local people.

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