Peru. Sacred Lands of the Incas: Cusco to Machu Picchu


Accommodations on your Wildland Adventure in Peru are as diverse as the country itself. Whether you are camping on a full service trek in the Andes or relaxing at a charming 4-star hotel or converted colonial hacienda, the common denominator among them all lies in the charm, location, comfort, safety and warm hospitality. Rustic, open-air jungle ecolodges are designed into nature so you feel secure within the rainforest, not apart from it. All of our preferred accommodations offer extraordinary personal service and a combination of international cuisine with local culinary delights.Ask us about customizing your trip with upgraded deluxe hotel options.
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"This really was the trip of a lifetime. We will never forget the incredible people of Peru who changed us forever in small and profound ways. I recommend it for the adventuresome and those who are open to learning about a great culture and people. Our trip was unlike anything else we had ever done, and we plan to do more travel of this type in the future." - Susan and Tom Freeman, FL