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Contact our Ecuador Program Director to extend your trip to the the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Galapagos, or the mystical cloud forests or Machu Picchu, Peru.

Amazon Extension to the Napo Wildlife Center

Years of close cooperation with the Añangu community has produced Napo Wildlife Center, an innovative project that is as valuable for its comforts as for its conservation and social value. The protected area is home to such species as Jaguar, Giant Otter, Tapir, eleven species of monkeys (including acrobatic Spider and Wooly monkeys, Monk Saki and Golden-mantled Tamarin), and many brilliant bird species. Here the local Añangu community has teamed with international conservationists to create a private reserve of well over 50,000 acres within the Yasuni National Park.

2018 Pricing: $1,470 per adult and $1,030 for children aged 5-11 depending on length of stay (3 or 4 nights) and room category. Airfare from Quito to Coca included. Children under 12: $1,010 to $1,365

Note:  This trip can depart from/return to Quito any day EXCEPT Sunday. 

Day 1: Napo Wildlife Center

Transfer to the Quito airport for your brief flight to Coca, an outpost on Ecuador’s Rio Napo in the Oriente, Ecuador’s Amazon basin. A 2 hour motorized canoe ride takes you to Napo Wildlife Center’s private dock where you’ll continue by canoe (1.5 hrs) through a meandering tributary of the Napo to the lodge's private lake deep within the Yasuni National Park. Arriving at the lodge, have a welcome beverage and receive an orientation about the activities to come. Overnight Napo Wildlife Center.  [LD]

Days 2 - 3: Napo Wildlife Center

Your naturalist guide accompanies you on a variety of adventures in this remote reserve, exploring the rivers, lagoons and forests surrounding the lodge. Napo Wildlife Center occupies an 82 square mile portion of Yasuni National Park. With 2 nearby parrot licks and a canopy tower, you have myriad opportunities to view some of the 550 species of birds, 11 primate species, and the stars of the reserve, giant river otters. Overnight Napo Wildlife Center. [BLD]

Day 4: Quito

Early rising today to paddle or hike back to the Rio Napo and return to Coca for your flight to Quito. 

Note: Due to international air schedules, we have not included the cost of transfers and Quito hotel day 5. If you wish to overnight, please inquire for private airport-hotel transfers and accommodation. Prices are based on set days of transfer to / from the Coca airport.

Napo Wildlife Center

The Napo Wildlife Center [NWC] is a renowned, award-winning Amazon rainforest lodge in Ecuador. It is located adjacent to 82 sq miles of Yasunì National Park and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the largest tract of protected tropical rain forest in Ecuador. Read more about the Napo Wildlife Center.

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Teleferico Cable Car Day Trip to the Pinchincha Volcano

Quito is nestled in a valley between Andean peaks and volcanoes, one of which, Volcan Pichincha, serves as the base for a thrilling cable car ride high over the city and breathtaking surroundings. Departing from your hotel, drive to the foothills of Pichincha, where you board the roomy glass gondola to begin a smooth and slow ascent up the volcano. Quito lies spread beneath you, and all around rise the lofty volcanic peaks of the Andes…Cayambe (18,996’), Antisana (18,714’), Cotopaxi (19,347’), the twin peaks of Ilinizas (16,818’ and 17,218’) and possibly – on very clear days – Chimborazo (20,564’) and Altar (17,451’). The entire ride takes approximately 10 minutes, delivering you from the starting point at 9680’ to a plateau at 13,290’ elevation. From here, there are trails leading to the summit of Pichincha, an additional 700’.

For the youngsters in your party, a small arcade park at the base of the cable car provides additional entertainment in the form of rides and games.

2018 pricing: $145/person, based on two participants. 

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