Brazil. Into the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil (Costa Verde) [Currently Not Active]

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Your guide is the single most important factor in the success of your trip. We have developed close working relationships with native guides who are intimately familiar with the culture, history, and local environment of their home.

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Family Travel

Brazil is an excellent destination for family travel, particularly for families with older children and teens, or well-traveled younger children who are accustomed to some long car rides and air [...]

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First and foremost, its about people. Both the personalized experiences we create for every individual Wildland traveler and, equally important, the respect and concern we have for the host communities we visit.

Seasons & Climates

Covering nearly 3.3 million square miles of the South American Continent, Brazil does not lack in diverse landscapes, ecosystems and climates. Generally speaking, Brazil is a tropical country with [...]

Giving Back

Wildland Adventures was founded on the principle that culturally and environmentally responsible travel can be a powerful force for change. Tourism should contribute to conservation and benefit local [...]


Frequently Asked Questions about Brazil: How large is Brazil? What language is spoken in Brazil? How to say it in Portuguese" How long does it take to get to Brazil? Do I need a [...]