South Africa. Cape Town to Kruger Safari


Travel to South Africa for the greatest range of accommodations from boutique hotels in Capetown and wine country, to small thatched-roof lodges and well-appointed safari tent camps that are intimate and comfortable, luxurious yet simple, and low-impact on the environment. All are located in protected reserves that offer the best wilderness wildlife and native cultural experiences. Most tent camps are designed for a limited number of guests in well-appointed spaces with canopy mattress beds and linens, and en-suite facilities including flush toilet and hot showers. Camps on our walking safaris are smaller and simpler.
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"Everything about the safari was amazing. The highlight was sitting in the middle of a herd of elephants and having a protective teenager elephant gently guide a baby right by the truck, eyeing us cautiously. It was so touching, awe-inspiring and exhilarating, yet so terrifying that tears ran out of my eyes. I will never forget our guide at Tanda Tula. I trusted him so much that I went hiking in the bush with him. His ability to read animal body language and predict their behavior was uncanny. We all learned so much, and we were never afraid, even though we got close to some potentially dangerous animals." - Lisa Nienhuis, TX