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Wild Alumni Travelers

We are committed to creating, growing and nourishing a vibrant community of enlightened and compassionate travelers like you, our Wild Alumni, who celebrate the journey of their life through adventure travel around the world. We are proud and appreciative to have so many of you who are repeat travelers and to know that many of you originally heard about us from family, friends or colleagues—thank you!

Many of you return to Wildland Adventures because you are passionate and enthusiastic about our ‘Wild Style’ of travel, having come to understand and appreciate our hands on and highly personalized approach to travel. At its core, Wildland is as much about people as it is places; we know from the deeply moving stories you’ve shared with us of meaningful— and sometimes transformative—interactions you’ve had with people of other cultures, like the Freeman’s experience on their African safari: 

  • "It is hard to describe how profoundly this trip affected us both. We are not the same. What surprised us was the culture, warmth and genuine caring from the Tanzanian people we met. We loved the school visit especially, the Bushmen hunt, and the Masaai village and Datoga visits as well. You cannot but be transformed if you are open to the adventure." (S and T Freeman, East Africa)

The Zimmerman Share Their Wildland Travel Stories:

What Wildland Adventures' travelers have come to expect

The following initial request by the Goodman family is a very representative profile of what most Wildland travelers seek when they contact our company, wherever they plan to travel:

  • “We are mature adults, well educated, very well travelled and highly curious and
    energetic. We are looking for a dual approach in visiting Turkey. On the one hand we
    would like a guide who is intellectual and highly knowledgeable about the history, arts,
    culture and politics. On the other hand, we would like to have intimate, local village
    experiences, interaction with people and artisan crafts. Looking at the information
    about your guides, we have a strong preference for "easy going" and "fun loving”,
    which sounds like just our cup of tea. While we enjoy luxury lodging, we value, even
    more, residences with a strong sense of place.” (S Goodman, Turkey)

Many Wildland travelers are very experienced, have traveled independently and initially have some trepidation about traveling with a group, or any trip planned with a travel company. However, this is often what they conclude:

  • “I was a little skeptical about taking a group/package tour since I’m a die-hard independent traveler who’s been all over the world, but I came away from this trip with a new perspective. There’s the obvious bonus of not having to plot out all of the logistics, but beyond that, I don’t feel like I missed a thing and in fact, I feel like I have a deeper connection to Peru and Peruvian culture because of having the knowledge of the locals to guide us, the time to explore the region, and the opportunity to literally walk in the footsteps of the people who built it. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to book another Wildland tour for this kind of trip. Having done it on my own in the developing world before, there is no comparison to the level of experience I got from this trip. The price difference between independent travel and this trip meant the difference between having a trip and having a real experience.” (J Johns, Peru)

And, on occasion when travel goes awry, our travelers have come to know that we are available to take care of matters on the spot wherever and whenever (by dialing our 24/7 emergency line direct to our Executive Staff) and to resolve any matters immediately upon return:

  • "I'd really like to thank you for your intervention during our trip. I appreciate the customer response from you, Katharine, and the personal note from Kurt when you were made aware of the issue. While I have always appreciated Wildland's ability to help with impeccable planning, suggesting outstanding venues and activities, and your partnerships with great guides and local outfitters; this is the first time I've had to see your response to a negative travel experience. I consider it equally outstanding. It is rare (... and fabulous) to see organizations with such a strong culture of customer focus. Wildland is certainly a stellar example. I definitely look forward to traveling with you again." (D Rau, Costa Rica)


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