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Women's Travel

There is a special indescribable magic in women traveling together that has to be experienced to be understood. A Wildland women’s trip is a shared adventure that intentionally creates opportunities for meaningful interaction for local women and deep connection with an unfamiliar culture. We use our decades of knowledge creating authentic experiences around the globe and choose destinations that have unique attractions that appeal to female travelers. Our women’s trips could include cultural interactions, multi-sport adventures, cooking classes, yoga retreats, visiting women’s co-ops, a ritual blessing from a monk or shaman, a relaxing spa experience, music or dance performance, and much more to intrigue or inspire you.

Immerse yourself in local cultures and communities and feel safe traveling with a Wildland escort and our expert local guides. Staying in boutique hotels and ecolodges and meeting interesting women from around the globe, whether you travel with a friend or alone you’ll wonder why you’ve never traveled like this before! 

“Traveling solo does not always mean you’re alone. Most often you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime.” – Jacqueline Boone

Wildland women's trips

Experience the rich, exciting wine-growing regions of sensuous Chile and Argentina in the company of other adventurous women on this active exploration of culture, wine, and the outdoors.

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Journey into the heart of southern Italy on this active, fun-filled exploration of picturesque Puglia, also known as Apulia. Explore wineries, bicycle, and learn to create traditional Pugliese dishes alongside master chefs. Toast to the epicurean life in Puglia: Salute!

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Interested in finding out when we announce a new Wildland women's trip? Or perhaps you'd like us to plan a trip just for you and your girlfriends? Email and let us know!

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 Women's Travel