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Explore remote regions of the world accessible only by sea on Wildland’s private yacht adventures and small ship cruises! On an adventure cruise, you’ll traverse remote wilderness coasts from the safety and comfort of specially designed yachts and small expedition ships. These unique ships offer easy access to the native flora, fauna, and cultural sites of the regions you’ll be exploring, and are tailored for minimal environmental impact. Experience the excitement and intimacy of water travel on a Wildland adventure cruise.

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Excitement and Expertise on our Small-Yacht Charters and Expedition Cruises

Our adventure voyages combine freedom and flexibility. Cruises are highly customizable and adaptable to local conditions and passenger interest and ability, and provide you opportunities to engage with wildlife. You’ll benefit from the best naturalists, lecturers, and native guides who will share their knowledge, insight, and expertise to help you plan each day of your voyage for maximal excitement and fun. On many voyages, you’ll get the chance to savor the company of like-minded passengers from around the world who are seeking the same level of comfort, meaningful experiences, and active participation that you are.

Family Adventure Cruises

Our engaging and customizable small-ship family adventure cruises are ideal for active and inquisitive families interested in exploring remote wildlands and indigenous cultures alongside other adventurous parents and kids. Whether you’d like to charter your own small yacht or join a larger expedition vessel, adventure cruising is ideal for experienced multigenerational families. These cruises give your entire family the chance to to easily and comfortably venture out into the world. A typical family adventure cruise combines physical activities like kayaking, swimming, hiking, and snorkeling with more laid-back activities like photography, reading, and onshore activities. Families will gather for meals around the table each day to share their adventures with one another.

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