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"The Wild Style"

At Wildland Adventures, authenticity is our highest priority. Sincerity, good faith, genuineness - they're all part of the ethic we embrace in approaching our world and the people and cultures we share it with. We’re devoted to helping our travelers experience the world with the honesty and affirmation that your choice of Wildland Adventures implies — a real world without artifice, that craves our understanding and compassion rather than our judgment; a world that seeks to welcome us rather than entertain us.

Of course, it can be argued that authenticity is an unattainable goal in travel. Our presence will forever change the place and the people with whom we come in contact. But if authenticity is characterized, according to its definitions, by "freedom from hypocrisy and pretense," then Wildland Adventures can proceed with the confidence that our trips not only will strengthen our own humanity, but will help build the kind of inter-cultural, interpersonal and environmental bonds that enhance rather than exploit the people and places where we travel.

Why Travel With Us

For over three decades, we have been leading the way in adventure travel and ecotourism, not just to new destinations, but pioneering new approaches to travel that guarantee your experience with Wildland Adventures will be qualitatively superior.

  • The Personal Difference
    We are personally involved in the design of your trip in coordination with local field staff. When you call our USA staff you will be speaking with another traveler with first hand experience in your destination who will help you choose the right trip and craft an itinerary that meets your personal interests and style.
  • Friends In Faraway Places
    Cross-cultural interaction is not only having respect for local customs, but is genuine, honest, personal interaction stimulated by sensitive introductions from respectful guides who introduce you to their home like a friend and treat you as a personal traveling companion.
  • Comfort and Safety
    Prepare to immerse yourself, secure in your health and safety. Relax and enjoy the experiences of native culture and pristine wilderness environments confident of our exceptional accommodations, transportation, hygiene and security, and the support of our professional in-country outfitters.
  • Bask In Native Hospitality
    We seek out small, boutique hotels and lodges and even home stays where native culture is strong and we can enjoy regional cuisine and experience traditional lifestyle. Designed in indigenous style that fit into their environs naturally, our accommodations deliver charm, amenities and native warmth.
  • Local Escorts To Exploration
    The direct involvement of professional indigenous guides in organizing and leading your Wildland Adventure assures you will have an exceptionally informative, well-executed, and authentic experience.
  • Like-minded Travelers
    By creating more personal, in-depth and meaningful life enhancing travel experiences we consistently attract active and inquisitive travelers of all ages who discover that Wildland Adventures are not the stereotypical group experience. Participants on our very small group trips are frequently experienced world travelers who request our services for efficiency, economy, reliability, security and superior leadership.
  • Journeys of Discovery
    Wildland Adventures are physical, intellectual and spiritual adventures--more a state of mind than a risky or arduous challenge. The real adventure is new insights, the awe found in nature, encounters with new cultures, and the excitement of personal discovery.
  • Dependability
    You can depend on our record of professionalism and safety. Prestigous travel writers, guidebooks and travel industry media, recognize Wildland Adventures as a leading ecotourism company. The company was a founding member of The International Ecotourism Society, the Galapagos Tour Operators Association, and the Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition, and retains corporate membership in many other professional tourism associations.

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