Saving the Andean Spectacled Bear


Spectacled Bear PeruWhen you travel to Peru with Wildland Adventures, you support conservation and research of the Andean spectacled bear and its habitat. Through your donations, our partner and bear biologist Robyn Appleton from Spectacled Bear Conservation in Peru, is able to expand her research and advocacy for preserving the bear's diminishing habitat.

Latest report from the field, December 2009: "The communities are all very excited about the news that Laura had a female cub named Martina," Robyn reports. "The cub and mum were still in their original den when we found them in October. We think the cub was approximately 4 weeks old. The female and cub are moving a lot now and are feeding mostly on cactus and bromeliads. Observing the challenges that this cub is faced with day to day has truly been an experience of a lifetime. We have even more respect for this incredible animal in this environment."

Watch this rare video footage showing Mama bear and cub:

Interactions between mother and cub have never been filmed like this before! This footage was shot by Wildlife Media, a small, non-profit group that raises awareness and funding for important conservation projects by telling compelling stories from the natural world. Their feature-length film, BEARTREK, is currently in production and hopes to be on-location in Peru soon to capture more footage of the spectacled bear. BEARTREK is an epic film and conservation campaign to save the worlds bears and their incredible habitats. BEARTREK takes you on a global motorcycle quest with insatiable adventurer and biologist Chris Morgan. Chris traverses the wildest places on Earth seeking out the rarest bear species and the dedicated people racing to save them from extinction. Movie profits will fund bear conservation, including projects highlighted in the film. "Help us film this little-known bear's story and deliver critical project funding through BEARTREK, our non-profit movie and campaign to save the world's bears," asks Chris Morgan. "Remember, what's good for bears is good for people. By protecting bear habitat, you protect fresh water, healthy forests, and clean air. Help us do that!"

For more information on this project, watch the film trailer below, explore Wildlife Media's website and voice your support for wildlife and wild places!