Tambopata Research Center

The most remote jungle lodge in the Amazon, Tambopata Research Center is a comfortable, rustic jungle lodge designed to maximize wildlife observation in the surrounding forest. Friendly resident scientists, naturalist guides and staff, and the small scale of the lodge lend to an informal, congenial atmosphere situated only 50 meters from the Tambopata River and 300 meters from the local macaw clay lick. The design of the lodge's four interconnected, thatched-roof buildings is based on traditional low-impact native architecture. All buildings are raised on four-foot palm trunk or hardwood stilts. Rooms open out onto the surrounding rainforest and feature mosquito netting, bathrooms with hot showers, safe deposit boxes, and electrical outlets. Most of the lodge looks out over waist-high verandas that provide open views of the forest for easy observation of birds and mammals passing through the clearing. The surrounding rainforest presents a mosaic of seven distinct forest habitats, with transition zones, crisscrossed by a network of trails covering an area of over 5 square kilometers. By traveling upriver in motorized canoes, visitors can have access to many more trails, including those around a wildlife-rich oxbow lake. While leading hikes through the protected reserve, expert naturalist guides provide visitors with a fascinating education in tropical ecology, wildlife behavior, medicinal plants, and native Amazonian culture. (Read more about macaws and Tambopata Research Center's Conservation efforts)