Pantiacolla Lodge

Located in between the Andes and the Amazon, there are 4 bungalows with 2 rooms each with shared toilets and showers, and 1 bungalow with 3 rooms with private toilets and showers. The lounge exhibits many remains of animals found in the forest around Pantiacolla and also ancient pottery brought in by the explorers looking for the lost city El Paititi in the Pantiacolla Mountain Range. We only use candles for lighting; however, there is a generator to recharge your batteries. One of the lodge’s many virtues is to have very few biting insects! There are 8 species of monkey and the lodge’s bird list is just shy of 600 species. The lodge has at least 9 distinct forest types, you can visit easily within a couple of days. It varies from lowland varzea, that floods in the rainy season, to bird rich bamboo forest to high, never flooding, terre firme, and isolated cloud forest.