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Embark on a family adventure tour of the world's most fascinating and enchanting island archipelago - The Galapagos. Escorted by our expert naturalist guides, opportunities to commune up-close with wildlife are unparalleled in this unique island paradise. Imagine swimming with playful sea lions, stepping around comical blue-footed boobies nesting near the trail, and photographing gigantic tortoises and prehistoric-looking marine iguanas. [...]

Galapagos Islands removed from the World Heritage in Danger List  

  Dave Blanton, Exec Director of IGTOA. Wildland Adventures is a charter member of IGTOA (International Galapagos Tour Operators Association) and our President and Founder Kurt Kutay is currently the IGTOA Board President. We concur with the message below written by Dave Blanton, IGTOA [...]