Giving Back

Travelers Conservation Trust Program: International Galapagos Tour Operators Association.

When you travel to the Galapagos with Wildland Adventures, you help support the work of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association [IGTOA], a consortium of leading nature tour companies dedicated to the protection of the Galápagos ecosystems and improvement of tourism management in the archipelago. Wildland Adventures is a founding member of IGTOA and our President Kurt Kutay, maintains a seat on the organizations board, helping to direct funding to projects and organizations such as those listed below:

Bay cleanup

We supported a group of local fishermen in the cleanup of Academy Bay, netting more than eight thousand pounds of waste.

Best Practices Program for the Travel Industry

We provided funds to Conservation International and Rainforest Alliance for their program to institute standards of operation for tour companies.

ISM boat certification program

We gave money to CAPTURGAL to help with international safety certification for locally-owned boats operating in the Galapagos.

Library for Galapagos guides

We provided funds for the purchasing of hundreds of books for a library in Puerto Ayora, to be used by guides in their studies.

Mooring anchor for patrol boats

We provided anchorage off Wolf Island to support patrols for illegal fishing and shark finning in this remote sector.

Patrol boat equipment

IGTOA donated a GPS system and video equipment to be used by the Galapagos National Park rangers when they patrol the islands for illegal fishing.

Shark Conservation Campaign

We supported WildAid in their information campaign to stop illegal shark finning.

Stray dog and cat neutering

We gave money to the Charles Darwin Research Station for a program to prevent the further spread of feral cats and dogs on the islands.