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Galapagos Family Adventures

Our Galapagos family adventures immerse you and your children into a living laboratory of nature and history conjuring up accounts of Darwin’s explorations, pirate exploits, volcanic eruptions exploding from under the sea, and the evolutionary stories of bizarre creatures adapting to this isolated island archipelago. However, the peak experience of your Galapagos vacation is the opportunity for children to commune up-close with wildlife that has absolutely no fear of humans. You swim with playful sea lions, step around comical Blue-Footed Boobies nesting on the trail, and we sit next to gigantic tortoises and prehistoric-looking iguanas that swim.

Family Galapagos cruise

Our designated Galapagos family tours include special activities and amenities that keep kids happy and peak their interest throughout the 8-day voyage. Special kid-friendly menus offer familiar fare and libraries are stocked with fun educational games and videos. Most importantly, our Galapagos naturalist guides are specially chosen for their entertaining, outgoing personalities and their natural ability to demonstrate concepts of evolution and adaptation through unforgettable illustrations you witness and photograph in the field every day!

Ecuador is ideal for family adventure travel. It’s easy to get around in this small, friendly Andean nation to explore the beauty and wildlife, cultural diversity, and spectacular landscapes from glaciers and volcanoes to lowland Amazon jungles, rich agricultural lands, and the exotic marine habitat of the Galapagos Islands. Friendly Ecuadorians, including many distinct ethnic groups of native people offer charming, home-style accommodations including former colonial-style haciendas and native Indian lodges. Opportunities abound to experience the simplicity of daily life as we visit native villages to learn about their ancestral ways of living, markets and schools, hike among farmers plowing fields and learn about weaving and other hand craft making.