M/V Origin and M/V Theory

When the M/V Origin set sail on her inaugural voyage in February 2016, the Galapagos Islands saw the ultimate in sustainability combined with absolute luxury.  Now, her sister ship, the M/V Theory joins her in the high seas, to accommodate even more discerning travelers. These vessels feature seasoned crew members, two top-notch naturalist guides, a concierge service, gourmet meals, indoor and al fresco dining, open bar policy, sun deck with Jacuzzi, wet bar, BBQ, spacious social areas.  Ten luxury cabins occupy the Beagle Deck, each 140 sq ft, with panoramic windows.  Each cabin has Apple TV with pre-loaded films, safety deposit box, lighted mirror, Espresso and tea set-up, bathrobes and luxury biodegradable soaps and shampoo.  Top grade wet suits and snorkeling equipment, kayaks and paddle boards offer a broad range of ways to experience the Galapagos Islands, while a well-equipped fitness center allows passengers to maintain their routines away from home.