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Come with us aboard a first class or deluxe yacht and explore the rich biodiversity and spectacular natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands. Voyaging throughout the archipelago, our Master Galapagos Naturalist Guides will point out unique behavioral and physical characteristics that the local plants and animals developed as they evolved and adapted to each unique island habitat. On a small-ship Galapagos cruise, you’ll create lifelong memories hiking volcanoes and lava flows, exploring white and black sand beaches, navigating rocky cliffs and shorelines and coming snout-to-snout with some of the world’s most amazing and exotic animals – from snorkeling with playful sea lions and carefully hiking around nesting blue-footed boobies to photographing the massive Galapagos tortoises and kayaking with dolphins.

Our Galapagos cruises and adventure tours are unique in that we have a longstanding history of field operations and conservation work in the Galapagos Islands: Wildland Adventures was a founding member of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association and we have always had one of our staff members on its Board of Directors. Our Galapagos program director also travels frequently to the islands to ensure we’re offering you the best in guides, vessels and experiences. Upon booking, we will send you a complimentary copy of a Galapagos Island field guide on local flora and fauna and detailed background information to make sure you are fully prepared for an adventure of a lifetime! Whether you want to experience the Galapagos by yacht or stay in one of the small ecolodges now available on dry land, you can choose from one of our regularly scheduled family and group departures and active voyages, or ask us to design a custom Galapagos vacation that best fits your time, level of activity and travel style.

Need A Romantic Getaway?

See all of our romantic and honeymoon travel in the Galapagos. You have already embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. A Galapagos honeymoon is the perfect beginning. Designed for active and inquisitive couples, each day brings another opportunity to hike, kayak, snorkel, and commune with exotic wildlife in one of the most unique environments on Earth. Master naturalist guides introduce you to many other ‘happy couples’ of the plant and animal kingdom and explain how those creatures have contributed to the evolution of their species. In the evening, following a delicious meal accompanied by excellent wines, stroll the decks under the dazzling stars of the Southern constellation. Your choice of yachts range from 12-48 passengers, all designed for comfort, relaxation and the best possible experience in Darwin’s Enchanted Isles.

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