Colombia Seasons & Climate

You can find whatever climate you desire in Colombia – hot tropical weather on the Pacific and Caribbean coast, including the city of Cartagena, which averages around 325 days of sunshine per year; a spring-like climate in the lower inter-Andean valleys; and colder climes in the high Andes. Meanwhile in the Amazon, it’s tropical and warm year-round with rain showers anytime of the year.

Colombia's proximity to the Equator maintains relatively constant and green, spring-like conditions throughout the year. However, the vast size of the country and considerable variations in altitude and topography – create considerable localized variations ranging from tropical coastlines and warm seas, savanna grasslands and jungles, inter-Andean plateaus and canyons, and mountain forests to snow-capped Andean peaks – all affect the temperature the distribution and amount of rainfall.

The best time to visit Colombia as a whole is between December and March, or July and August, as it rains the least during these months, especially in the Andean regions. If you prefer to visit from April to June or from October to November, expect a comfortable spring-like climate. The rainy season in the Andes of Colombia is from May through June-early July and October-November when heavy rains can fall daily although there are often plenty of blue skies and bright sunshine between the showers. The Caribbean coast experiences its heaviest rainfall in September and October and is relatively dry the rest of the year while the lowlands experience little temperature variation with a tropical climate.

Changes in temperature and rainfall are determined more by region and elevation rather than by season, with relatively consistent year-round patterns in each of the climatic zones. In the coastal regions and lowlands, from sea level to about 3,300 feet, it's warm all year round, with temperatures averaging 75–81° F. In the temperate zone, inter-Andean valleys and plains, located 3,500 - 6,500 ft above sea level, the average year-round temperature is about 64° F, and in the highlands located between 6,500 ft and 10,000 ft, the temperatures average a little over 55° F, but well below freezing during inclement weather.

It's best to pack for all weather conditions - a sweater is needed along the coast at night and a jacket in the mountains, which includes Bogota, sitting at an altitude of 8,661 ft above sea level. In the mid-range elevational zones, which includes Medellín at 4,900 ft, light clothing is needed, and in the high mountains, layered clothing and jackets are required, including a raincoat.