Giving Back

Travelers Conservation Trust Program: Conservacion Patagonica.

When you travel to Chile with Wildland Adventures, you help support Conservacion Patagonica, dedicated to protecting and restoring wildland ecosystems, biodiversity and healthy communities through the formation of new national parks in the Patagonia region. In Chile and Argentina—countries with long and proud histories of parklands—national parks represent the most secure, effective, and responsible mode of protecting land. Moreover, establishing a park accomplishes far more than land conservation. A flagship national park attracts myriads of visitors, who gain a deeper appreciation of the natural world while boosting the local economy in an environmentally sensible way. Few conservation organizations in the world tackle the task of building new national parks, but Conservacion Patagonica is committed to creating parks that protect some of Earth's last wild places while benefiting their community and nation.

In 2002, with the support and work of Conservacion Patagonica Argentina gained a spectacular new national park: Monte Leon National Park, Argentina's first continental coastal national park. This beautiful and biologically rich park serves as a testament to the effectiveness of public-private collaboration and the power of private philanthropy to secure lasting conservation results.

Now Conservacion Patagonica has embarked on its most ambitious project yet: the creation of Patagonia National Park in the Aysen Region of southern Chile. A stunning expanse of 650,000-acre expanse of grasslands, forests, wetlands, mountains and rivers, this park-in-progress offers a powerful example of reviving healthy ecosystems and biodiversity.

The Travelers Conservation Trust [TCT] is an affiliate non-profit program of Wildland Adventures which gives our travelers the opportunity to support conservation and help indigenous communities at a local level worldwide. 

Conservacion Patagonica

One of many stunning sunsets in the future park. Conservacion Patagonica will build a small picnic area in the sheltered area in the cluster of trees on the right. (Photo courtesy of Conservacion Patagonica)

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