Situated directly on the spectacular Bay of Abraäo, Asalem is a deliberately rustic tropical hideaway owned by an international photographer and only accessible via boat from the village of Abraäo. Four comfortable standard suites are split level with a breezy, colorful lounge area below, complete with hammocks, floor-to-ceiling windows, and French doors that open onto a terrace and garden. Simple bedrooms are located upstairs. AC units are available and hot water and electricity is provided via solar energy. The proximity to the ocean offers rare, intimate glimpses of sea creatures such as starfish, crustaceans, and turtles, as well as abundant schools of fish. The forest brings frequent visitors, including monkeys, squirrels, fireflies, blue butterflies and a wide variety of exotic tropical birds. You can choose your fresh fish for dinner, brought by local fishermen directly to the private waterside sundeck. Fruit comes directly from the resorts’ trees, and gardens supply herbs and vegetables. Evenings are lit by candlelight and gas lamps and the nights are so clear that the Milky Way itself will light your evening walks. Enjoy the collection of photography and Brazilian art books. Asalem also hosts regular enrichment events such as lectures by visiting writers, artists, and cultural thinkers. But perhaps best of all, travelers can do nothing at all in this environment of personal sanctuary and respect for the islands environment.