About Brazil

Venture beyond Brazil's famous white-sand beaches and the perennial party in Rio de Janeiro and discover diverse ecosystems ranging from arid desert to the Amazon Rainforest, home to the largest collection of living plant and animal species in the world. Whether you travel to Brazil in search of adventures, wildlife or culture, there is a region to appeal to every interest. Kayak along coastal rainforests teaming with parrots, toucans and endangered primates, explore the world's largest wetland ecosystem in Brazil's Pantanal in search of the elusive jaguar and track wildlife alongside Brazil naturalist guides deep within the mysterious Amazon. Explore the colonial charm of Paraty or dance to the beat of samba and capoiera drumming in Bahia, a region of northern Brazil where West African religion and culture meshes with the rhythms of Latin America in the colonial capital of Salvador. And don’t forget those stunning beaches; they are ranked among the best in the world for a reason and ending your trip with a few days at a remote and romantic tropical hideaway or a family-friendly oceanfront eco resort is a great way to wrap up your Wildland Adventure to Brazil.

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