Rincon Socorro

Having originated from a ranch originally built in 1896, the Socorro lodge was later restored and expanded by the Conservation Land Trust (CLT), when it was acquired to create a 74,130-acre nature reserve. The conservation team restored and expanded the historic buildings of the ranch, excluded all cattle from the reserve, removed hundreds of miles of fencing, and initiated the largest rewilding program in the Americas. The buildings retain the classic Spanish style, consisting of great galleries that cool the house during hot days and offering, on cool days, the warmth of the fireplace in the main living room for cozy enjoyment. The Hostería has 9 rooms and the service it offers is with full board and activities included. The restaurant is open to the public for lunch, dinner and tea. Culinary offerings stem from a combination of typical recipes from Corrientes along with Argentinean and international dishes, which are created using our organic vegetables from the orchard.