Akademik Sergey Vavilov

The 92-passenger Akademik Sergey Vavilov is a perfect small expedition cruise ship catering to your adventurous spirit as well as the concept and implementation of ecologically responsible travel and personalized service. The vessel is modern, comfortable, safe, and ice-strengthened. From small group sessions to briefings for all passengers, public spaces onboard the ship are ideally suited for every need. A separate bar and lounge are located on Deck 6 with expansive 180 degree views, as well as a library providing ideal places to sit and relax or catch up on some reading. A fitness room, bouldering wall, and wellness center allow guests to stay active during the days at sea.

The Vavilov has state-of-the-art radar, communication, and navigational equipment, as well as modern safety systems. To help maximize passenger experience, the vessel has maximum maneuverability to get in and out of the most interesting places, not to mention generous outdoor deck space and a large open bridge for guest enjoyment. Paired with twin engines, twin (controllable pitch) propellers, a bow thruster, and stern multidirectional thruster (aqua-master) these ships lead the way with point specific movement allowing for quick and easy embarkation and disembarkation of passengers via Zodiacs or immediate spin of the vessel by 180 degrees to view a pod of whales.