When is the best season for travel to Alaska?

Alaska has a short summer and is best visited between the months of May and September. Late May and June tend to be sunnier and dryer with long daylight hours. In the interior, the alpine meadows are filled with flowers and young animals begin to explore their environment; bear cubs, moose calves, goat kids and wolf pups can be observed. In the marine world of Prince William Sound and the Inside Passage, humpback whales arrive in mid-May and depart in early September. Wildlife can be observed all season in the interior and along the coast though salmon runs from mid July-early September bring bears, coyote, and eagles to the rivers in droves. Back to Top

What is the weather like in Alaska?

In both the interior of Alaska and in the southeast regions of Glacier Bay and the Inside Passage, weather can be unpredictable. Snow can fall in Denali National Park any time of year though you can also have 24-hours of daylight and temperatures in the mid 80s! The Inside Passage borders the Tongass National Forest, one of the largest temperate rainforests in the world. Rain can fall any day here and a typical week will be a mixture of blue skies and some overcast days. The key is to be prepared for a variety of weather and climates! Back to Top

What are the Visa/Passport requirements for travel to Alaska?

U.S. citizens traveling from the United States and not making any connections through Canada do not need a passport for traveling to Alaska, though it is helpful to have a copy on hand. Non-U.S.citizens are subject to the passport and visa requirements of the United States for the country where their passport is issued. Back to Top

What kind of wildlife will I see on an Alaska adventure tour?

On any venture into the wild, viewing animals is never guaranteed, though it is highly likely that you will see the following:

Denali National Park: Eagles, wolverines, grizzly and black bears, moose, caribou, coyote, wolves and Dall’s sheep and foxes.

Glacier Bay National Park & the Inside Passage: Coastal brown bears and black bears, humpback whales, grey whales, minke whales, orca whales, salmon, bald eagles, sitka deer, mountain goats, lynx , sea otters, moose, puffin , fur and harbor seals and Steller’s Sea Lion. Back to Top

Will mosquitoes be a problem on my Alaska vacation?

Mosquitoes and other biting insects do exist in Alaska’s interior and along the coast, though generally they do not affect travelers while out on the water, either kayaking, exploring by skiff or on board one of our adventure vessels. We’ve found that regular strength repellent, long sleeves and loose pants offer adequate protection. Back to Top

Will I see the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) are more prevalent at the end of the summer and require a combination of dark, clear nights and specific solar activity. It is rare to see them during the traditional travel season, though guests do sometimes observe them in late August and September. Back to Top

Is sea-sickness an issue on your Alaska cruise adventures?

Not generally. The waters of the Inside Passage, Glacier Bay, and Prince William Sound are protected from the open sea by barrier islands. Waters are generally very calm and smooth with occasional choppiness only occurring when the boats cross a larger body of water such as Frederick Sound. In the event that you do cross an open passageway or expect unfavorable weather, the Captain will give you plenty of notice so that you can take seasickness medication. Back to Top

Will my cell phone work on my Alaska adventure tour?

Cell coverage is available in Juneau, Anchorage and Ketchikan and generally extends beyond these areas as well. Denali National Park does not have cell coverage or internet access though Camp Denali has a phone available for emergencies. While on board one of the vessels we use, cell service is generally not available. All boats are equipped with satellite phones for emergencies. Back to Top

Is alcohol available on board the small-ships and at the wilderness lodges?

Most of our boat trips are all-inclusive of all meals and drinks with dinner. Premium wines and spirits and bar drinks can be purchased for an additional charge, payable either in cash or applied to your shipboard account. Camp Denali does not have a liquor license; however, you are welcome to bring your own bottle. Back to Top

Is Alaska a good family travel destination?

Absolutely! The best time of year to visit coincides with most school summer holidays and the endless days of kayaking, hiking, viewing bears, fishing and trekking on glaciers appeals to every age. Many of our trips feature childe teenage pricing and certain departures are designated for families with children under 12. Talk to Wildland’s Alaska Program Director about which trip is best for your family. Back to Top