Giving Back

When you travel to Jordan with Wildland Adventures, you help support the The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature in Jordan an independent voluntary organization devoted to conserving Jordan's natural heritage. Its mission is to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat by establishing nature reserves, breeding programs, educational opportunities, and ecotourism projects that integrate conservation with economic development. They have created over 750 nature clubs for school children and community groups, trained naturalists to manage wildlife reserves, and protected rare indigenous species from extinction. Their support for ecotourism development projects has helped preserve cultural heritage and revive many rural communities. We provide an opportunity for Wildland travelers to Jordan to see some of these projects first-hand, and to become members of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.

The Travelers Conservation Trust [TCT] is an affiliate non-profit program of Wildland Adventures which gives our travelers the opportunity to support conservation and help indigenous communities at a local level worldwide.