Interview with Wildland Turkey guide Deniz Kilic



One of the Wildland Turkey tour guides, Deniz Kilic's greatest passion is sharing everyday Turkish culture with travelers through the eyes of a local. He loves guiding because it keeps him out of the office, traveling and meeting new people.

Wildland Turkish Guide Deniz Kilic

We asked him a few questions about guiding Wildland groups, his love of motocross and his favorite "insider" place to eat in Turkey.

Q: What sets Wildland travelers apart from other groups?

A: In general guiding small private groups or single travelers is more enjoyable for me. I can spend more time with each person to share my knowledge about Turkey and ensure that they enjoy their time and experience in my country. With all the Wildland travelers I have led so far, the groups are small and I have the chance to get to know people personally. And by the end of the trip, we're family.

Q: What places and sites in Turkey do Wildland travelers most enjoy?

A: I think Wildland travelers most enjoy Cappadocia. The landscape of the region is completely unique and there, they have the chance for a real cultural encounter - meeting with Mevlevi Dervish (the whirling dervishes).

Sunrise balloon tour above Cappadocia, Turkey

Q: What do you like most about working as a guide?

A: None of my days are the same as the previous and I always have the chance to introduce local people to the travelers.

Q: What is your favorite Turkish dish? What meals do travelers typically most enjoy in Turkey?

A: My favorite dish is guvecte kurufasulye which is a typical Turkish dish made from beans and cooked in an earthen pot. Travelers mainly like all kind of kebabs.

Q: Tell us one "secret" place - restaurant, viewpoint, park - that only locals know about and where you take travelers?

A: There is a small restaurant which is a specialist for pide (turkish pizza) in the local bus station in Urgup, Cappadocia. There is no chance to see any other foreign visitors there.

Q: You like motorbike/motorcross? Can you tell us about where you race and what it is like?

A: In my twenties I used to race in National Motocross Championship all over the country. But these days, I can only participate in the races in Bodrum, near where I live. Motorbike has an important role in my life, I don't even have a car! For me, a holiday means to go somewhere on my motorbike. At the end of last year, I rode from Bodrum to Iran. It took 45 days and I traveled 6,000 miles on my bike!