About Slovenia

Slovenia is a hidden gem of Central Europe straddled between Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. At the intersection of Slavic, German, and Italian influences, it shares the best of these worlds in its own blended culture between western Europe on the frontier border of Balkan countries that were bound by the former Yugoslavia. Whereas, ancient caravans and modern nomads used to pass through here on their journey east or west, today, travel to Slovenia commands attention as its own adventure destination. Everything is close in this part of the world and it’s easy to combine Slovenia on the same trip with its neighbors. But there’s just too much to discover here between the shores of the Adriatic (where you can take a boat to Venice), to the highlands of the Julian Alps, with all the Medieval villages in storybook valleys carved by turquoise rivers, blue ribbon lakes, and towering waterfalls, just to pass through anymore.

If you like hut to hut alpine hikes, riding e-bikes on back roads, exploring underground cavernous formations, walks through small villages and vineyards, and waterfront promenades teaming with cafes or gourmet country restaurants, the only nation in the world with the word LOVE in it deserves all your love, and your time to get to know it. It is the first country in the world to be declared a “green destination” because of its sustainable tourism and economic development, including a bountiful farm to table organic agricultural industry. Slovenia has also preserved much of its natural beauty in national parks. It’s no wonder Disney filmed part of The Chronicles of Narnia in the Soca River Valley, or that Slovenian celebrity Chef Ana Ros, declared Best Female Chef in the World, and her husband Valter, deliver true terroir of the region through seasonal dishes and Slovenian wines at Hisa Franko Restaurant in their country villa.

Trips to Slovenia are easily combined with nearby cities and bordering countries. Flights into the capital city Ljubljana are 45 minutes from Paris or two hours from London. It’s just a two-hour drive from Zagreb, Croatia, a ferry across the Adriatic between Piran and Venice, and you can easily connect by land or air to Salzberg, Vienna, or travel south through the Istrian Peninsula to Rovinj and the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. 

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