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Morocco is located on the northernmost extension of the African continent at the gateway to Europe. A Wildland Adventures Morocco vacation will expose you to the many unique – and differing – experiences, cultures and landscapes that make this a place of adventure for intrepid travelers. Our Moroccan adventures are safe and colorful journeys led by knowledgeable guides who’ll bring to life the famous imperial cities and settlements of Casablanca, Essaouira and Rabat on the coast, and Marrakesh and the Draa Valley in the central lowlands. You can also explore Fes and hike among Berber villages in the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas range, or travel to the Sahara Desert and experience its massive dunes from the back of a camel. Wherever you travel, you’ll feel the joy and warmth of Morocco’s people: preparing lunch on a small farm located in the high Atlas Mountains; exploring the marketplace square of Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakech containing an eclectic array of jugglers, storytellers, snake charmers, musicians and soothsayers.

You’ll be accompanied by expert local guides and stay in an array of accommodations representative of the region: from luxurious boutique hotels and palaces, to off-the-beaten-track desert camps and lodges. Our Morocco tours are designed for adventurous and active travelers, groups or families. Choose from one of our carefully crafted itineraries with optional trip extensions, or ask us to design a custom Morocco tour that best fits your time, level of activity and travel style.

Photos by Wildland Adventures Marketing Director Jonathan Burnham

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