About Croatia

Travel in Croatia is stunningly beautiful and richly rewarding. Hike and explore along thousands of miles of Dalmatian coastline, or voyage in a wooden gulet among thousands more islands some barely inhabited. Time-worn cobblestone alleyways wind their way amongst red-roofed villages sitting precipitously on limestone peninsulas wrapped around pristine coves where pastel walls of outermost buildings drop straight into turquoise seas. Busy ports-of-call and coastal cities of Dubrovnik, Split, and Korcula buzz with a European Riviera vibe of cafes and seaside gourmet dining serving up oysters and exquisite seafood dishes. Just steps away from the sea, easy coastal hikes lead to ancient ruins and castles of feudal dynasties among pine forests and farmers tending vegetables, fields of lavender, olive groves, and vineyards drenched under the Mediterranean sun.

Rising dramatically above the Adriatic are mountains, forests, and rivers of adventure including the limestone lakes and waterfalls of Plitvice National Park, easily reached from the capital city of Zagreb. Still overlooked and uncrowded, traveling in Croatia's interior on roads used by the Romans, Hapsburgs, and Napoleon, reveals diverse cultural influences from the 14th-century Venetian city of Rovinj to medieval villages perched on fortified hilltops. In this pastoral hinterland of the northern Istrian Peninsula, more like Tuscany than Eastern Europe, a rich tradition of tight knit villages and hardworking farm families and winemakers share their passion for indigenous delicacies like truffles, cheeses, honey, prosciutto, and lamb accompanied by a variety of wines including zinfandel traced back to a small town outside of Split.

Having joined the European Union in 2013, Croatia has resurrected itself since the Balkan war protecting its natural landscapes and many historic UNESCO monuments, restoring architectural traditions including well-appointed boutique accommodations, and fostering world-class chefs who blend local ingredients from the sea and the land in traditional Mediterranean and Italian recipes with new flair.

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