Uaguinega Lodge

Uaguinega derives from the Kuna language, where Uagui means 'dolphin' and Nega means 'house'. Together, therefore, it means “The House of the Dolphin.” Owned and operated by a Kuna family, the Uaguinega Lodge is located on a private island at approximately 50 minute flight distance from Panama City. The accommodation is basic but comfortable in traditional Kuna-style huts with two or three beds, private bathrooms, and a hammock on the front porch. The lodge has 11 huts and the sea-breeze provides a good source of room ventilation. At the central courtyard of the hotel, a small area for playing football or volleyball has been provided. Meals including freshly caught seafood are served in the Bohio dining room overlooking the Caribbean. Electricity is available for a couple of hours every day.