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Travel to Panama and experience a place where the enormity and beauty of the surrounding wild flora and fauna matches the hearts of the people who call this place home. Set in the crossroads of two seas and two continents, Panama is a country of tremendous biodiversity with more varieties of birds, insects and mammals than you can possibly imagine. While you’re hiking the lush rainforests, eating lunch on a Caribbean cay or snorkeling atop coral reefs, our naturalist guides will teach you to see through the eyes of a local: how to spot that elusive three-wattled bellbird who sings high in the trees or how to locate cat’s claw, a plant used by Panamanians to treat a range of illnesses. A Wildland Adventure in Panama will also connect you to the region’s people. Start way back in time and explore the ruins and forts that dot the landscape – from behind these crumbled walls, feel the bravery of the men who protectedthis land and their loved ones from marauding pirates en-route from South America to Spain. Return to the present day and share in the lives of the native people you meet throughout your journey: be welcomed into the home of a plantation owner and settle down for a cup of coffee while he and his wife tell the history of their property, or visit a Kuna village and learn from women about the intricacies involved with sewing a mola.

Because ecotourism is still evolving in this region, Panama is still a true, off-the-beaten path destination. As you travel through the country, you’ll stay in luxurious accommodations characteristic of Panama – such as villas set right in the midst of the rainforest – while enjoying the rich, regional flavors of local cuisine. Join one of our small group or family Panama tours, or ask us to design an individual, custom itinerary just for you.

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