Giving Back

Wildland Adventures was founded on the principle that culturally and environmentally responsible travel can be a powerful force for change. Tourism should contribute to conservation and benefit local communities. The Travelers Conservation Trust [TCT] was founded in 1986 by Kurt Kutay as a non-profit, affiliate program of Wildland Adventures to foster means by which our travelers can support local conservation initiatives and small-scale community development projects. By forming and strengthening links between environmentally conscientious travelers and host-country grassroots conservation groups, together we can preserve natural areas and cultural heritage. This link between adventure travel, conservation and sustainable development enhances your vacation experience by creating more meaningful and authentic cultural encounters through learning, sharing and giving something back.

When you travel to Nicaragua with Wildland Adventures, you help support Corazon Contento, a non-profit organization located in Granada, Nicaragua, which seeks to improve the quality of life for residents with disabilities. They work to create awareness, understanding and equal rights for individuals with disabilities, as well as promote employment for special needs in the community and to improve technology, treatments and therapy to better serve the community of Granada. When you give to Corazon Contento you are giving back to the community and helping improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.