Family Travel

Wildland Adventures Nicaragua family tours are designed first and foremost as active family vacations that are safe, comfortable and fun. Equally as important, they are experiential vacations that aim to develop a life-long love of travel through unique experiences with exotic wildlife and vastly different cultures. To enhance and deepen these meaningful and memorable travel experiences, we often integrate specific community development projects, conservation work or fun cross-cultural activities. This includes arranging for kids to participate in a local baseball game (national sport in Nicaragua), a classroom visit at La Esperancita school on the Islets, sharing a meal with the children of Carita Feliz, a community dining room in Granada or painting and distributing new garbage cans to promote clean streets and recycling projects in San Juan del Sur. We do not specifically emphasize these aspects of education and learning in the presentation of our tours because most kids (and parents too) are seeking a vacation that is fun and stimulating, not necessarily designed for educational purposes. Our intent is to create experiences in which children learn and grow while they travel and have fun! On our family trips, especially those with young children, we slow the pace, minimize long drives, carry snacks and drinks, and make frequent stops for impromptu cross-cultural interactions. We plan fun activities like kayaking on the islets, horse-drawn city tours, surfing lessons, zip lining, volcano hikes and traveling to wildlife or archaeological sites with easy trails and stimulating learning opportunities.