Takalik Maya Lodge

Located in the former Mayan city of Tak'alik Abaj, The Takalik Maya Lodge now rests within the National Archeological Park of Tak’alik. The hotel was once part of the main house of a 100-year old coffee plantation, which is still in production today. Giant water wheels that were imported from England during the late 1800’s to run the coffee business are now used as an environmentally-friendly, alternative energy source. With a unique historical diversity that combines the ancient cultures of the Maya, Barrigon, and Olmeca, guests will have an opportunity to experience the mysticism and spirituality of the on-site collection of 230 sculptures, altars, and monuments. The hotel offers a restaurant, café, bar, pool, and individually-designed suites each with bathrooms, hot water, and a private entryway. Guests may enjoy horseback rides through the coffee fields, visits to the rubber and macadamia nut plantations, a dip in the natural mountain waterfall and pool, bird-watching tours, and explorations of the ancient ruins.