Costa Rica Seasons & Climate

Costa Rica's very mild, spring-like climate is ideal for travel year-round. Local conditions vary according to elevation, season and location. Expect average temperatures from 85-95 F and moderate humidity on the coast compared to cooler temperatures averaging 72 F in the mountains and Central Valley where you may need a light sweater at night. The peak travel period (Dec-Apr) and off-peak (May-Nov) generally coincide with Costa Rica's so-called "dry" and "rainy" seasons. However, this is an inaccurate and simplistic description of climate and travel seasons. We can help you plan a trip any time of year based on geographical variations.

Costa Rica has more than a dozen climate zones which often contrast with each other; when rain falls in one region it tends to be drier in another. While the months of December through April tend to be almost rainless on the Pacific coast, this is when it rains the most on the Caribbean coast. On the other hand, the dry season on the Caribbean side is September and October, which is considered the so-called "rainy season" in the rest of the country. Each year in July you can count on the annual veranito, or "little summer" as the locals call it, when there is a predictable dry spell in the middle of the green season.

Most travelers visit Costa Rica to escape winter in North America when average rainfall throughout the country is low and migrant bird populations are highest. But others who prefer to travel during the off-peak "green season" will appreciate natural areas more to themselves, lush vegetation, better choice of guides and accommodations, low season rates, greater variety of blooming orchids and flowers, and other benefits. During the green season rain usually falls for a few hours in the afternoon or at night and rarely disrupts travel, unless you are driving on secondary roads which can become impassable. It is impossible to predict climate for any specific place and time in the tropics. The increasing numbers of travelers visiting Costa Rica during the green season have made it a year round destination.