Patty Calver, Costa Rica

Girlfriends' Wild Trip to Costa Rica

The six of us who had joined the Costa Rica Rainforest Rejuvenation Retreat were staying at the beautiful and remote Hotel Lapa Rios located on the Osa peninsula on the south west coast of Costa Rica. We had flown in to the small town of Puerto Jimenez and then ridden on the benches in the back of a small truck to the lodge in the Lapa Rios Private Rain Forest Reserve. We spent the first day dazzled by the beautiful rainforest scenery, the masses of colorful butterflies, the flight of toucans and parrots, and the screeches of monkeys. Several of us had gone on hikes guided by naturalist through the multiple trails in the rainforest reserve. Others had decides to relax by the pool and then join in the yoga class.

The next day, four of us chartered a boat for the morning and went deep sea fishing. We took turns cheering each other on as we reeled in jack tuna and mackerel. We also took advantage of the great views of the island to scope out the best beaches below the resort. We were the first all-women group our guide had ever taken out. He had a large ice chest filled with beer and sandwiches. If only it had been full of fruit and wine.

We woke up the following morning to the wonderful warm weather, the chatter of monkeys, and squawks of parrots. We met for breakfast at our round table for six in the covered but open walled dining area. The six of us lingered over breakfast and told stories of our families, our childhoods, our life experiences and dreams. As the waiters continued to bring tea, coffee and juices, we continued to talk. I will always remember that just before lunch, an older woman approached our table. She stated she had been packing up to leave this incredible place and had been listening to our laughter for several hours. She said "There is nothing as beautiful as womens' laughter." You know something, she was right. What a great way to spend the morning, laughing with girlfriends!