Don, Pam and Chelsea Berns, Costa Rica

Touched by the kindness of Wildland

PURA VIDA!! Wildland was AMAZING!! Every aspect of this trip, from beginning to end, exceeded our expectations. Our guide, Leo Chavez, is beyond exceptional and we are grateful to him for sharing Costa Rica with us. Having a fantastic Wildland guide, driver and program director made all the difference in our experience.

What a trip! Watching army ants invade as mantis and scorpions ran for their lives. Rappelling waterfalls, hiking, sea kayaking, snorkeling, salsa dancing lessons, Caribbean cooking lessons--all shared with the wonderful people of Costa Rica. Watching thousands of raptors migrating, witnessing hummingbirds bathing in pools of water, hiking at night to see owls and dozens of bats. All of the lush jungles and rain forests filled with giant trees and flowers and all things green. Birds, birds, birds! Sloths, monkeys, frogs, toads, snakes, lizards, turtles, spiders, giant cockroaches, huge moths and beautiful morpho butterflies. Sleeping to the sounds of rainfall and night birds and cicada. Seeing the male Quetzal gently feeding berries to its young, watching others build their nests. This and so much more is what Costa Rica was all about for us.

We sat with a Leatherback turtle for hours on a perfectly clear, star-filled night as she dug her hole, laid her eggs and then gently buried and packed the sand in around them. She carefully camouflaged the area by sweeping the sand and then slowly made her way back to the sea. As unbelievable as it may seem, she disappeared into the waves at midnight as a shooting star streaked across the sky. We came away from this magical experience with a renewed respect for all of natures rhythms, power and beauty.

Thank you Wildland for the trip of a lifetime filled with amazing memories!