Puma spotted at Lapa Rios Ecolodge



Another puma sighting at Lapa Rios, one of our favorite ecologes in Costa Rica! This time, she was seen coming out of the bushes near the path that leads to Lapa's beach on the Osa Peninsula.  One of Lapa's guides, Guillermo, happened to be there with his camera! Of course, while its never good to approach wild animals, this natural event took both the animal and Guillermo by surprise.

While puma sittings are very rare, there is plenty of other exotic wildlife in the Osa! You'll see colorful scarlet macaws and a plethora of tropical bird species; four species of monkeys cavorting in the forest canopy; plus tapir, anteaters, coatimundi, peccary herds and more.

Experience this pristine rainforest wilderness on our Osa Peninsula Wildland Adventure and Lapa Rios Tropical Adventure.