Selva Bananito Lodge

The Lodge is located at the foot of Muchilla Mountain. Each cabin stands on stilts, in traditional Caribbean style. This type of architecture reduces moisture inside the buildings and improves the view and ventilation. The cabins stand on a ridge flanked by two streams. On one side of the ridge you will see the Bananito River and its valley on the other side your eyes will fall upon the beautiful Cerro Muchilla and the Amistad Biosphere. Eighty percent of the hardwood used to build the cabins was obtained from “second class” wood discarded by loggers from trees already cut for other purposes. Without the use of electricity, guests enjoy a quiet and relaxing environment allowing one to stay in tune with the surroundings. Meals are served at the rancho, which has a dining area, bar, and small library upstairs. The kitchen and personnel facilities are downstairs.