When is the best season to travel to Belize?

The best time to visit Belize is late December through April when there is less rain and temperatures are moderated by winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Wetter weather prevails May through November, although locals dub August "Second Spring" when dry weather with regular yet brief afternoon thundershowers create new growth and stimulate wildlife activity. We do not recommend travel September through November because of the threat of hurricanes. Back to Top

What should I pack for my Belize adventure tour?

It’s not necessary to bring a lot of clothing for an adventure in Belize due to the comfortable climate. Light breathable clothing is advised, along with a light weight water-proof rain jacket. In the wetter months, boots are advised for jungle hikes, otherwise a sturdy pair of closed toed sandals should suffice for the majority of outings. Back to Top

What are the visa and passport requirements for travel to Belize?

For U.S. and Canadian citizens, an advance visa for travel to Belize is not required, though your passport should be valid for up to 90 days after the last day of your trip in Belize. Back to Top

Will I need any vaccinations, immunizations or special medications for travel to Belize?

There are no required immunizations and vaccinations for Belize. 
When you put down a deposit for any Wildland Adventure, our destination expert Program Directors will provide detailed information about health precautions and possible immunizations for travel to your destination. Wildland Adventures' staff are not licensed medical professionals, however, we do know the exact areas, environments and conditions under which you will be traveling, all of which can affect the relative risk of exposure and help you make a decision concerning immunizations and prescription medicines. All travelers should consult their physician or a travel health clinic and refer to the Center for Disease Control website for complete information on health considerations in your destination. Back to Top

Can I drink the water in Belize?

Tap water is not safe to drink in Belize and could result in an upset stomach. Bottled water is readily available at hotels, restaurants and other tourist locations. Back to Top

Is Belize travel safe?

Yes, Belize in general is an easy going safe destination to visit. However it’s always important to take care of personal belongings and utilize safes if they exist in your rooms. We don’t recommend staying in Belize City for longer than one night if necessary on transfers and being extra cautions is you venture outside of your hotel. Back to Top

What is the electrical current in Belize? Will I need a plug adaptor?

Voltage and sockets are the same in Belize as in the U.S. and Canada and no adapters are needed. Back to Top

What is the local currency in Belize? Are U.S. dollars accepted? Do I need local currency before I arrive?

The Belize currency is pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 2:1 and it is not necessary to convert currency prior to arrival. Most hotels, guides, and other local services will readily accept U.S. currency. Back to Top

Can I use credit cards? Are ATMS available?

Credit cards are now accepted at nearly every lodge and hotel in Belize, however ATM’s are not available in more remote jungle lodges and back up cash is advised for paying tips and other incidentals. ATM’s can be easily located in the coastal towns, but not out on the remote Cayes. Back to Top

What are the accommodations like on a Wildland Adventures Belize tour?

Our program directors spend time each year in country vetting new properties and keeping up relations with our current suppliers. Our preferred lodges include comfortable thatched cottages in the rainforest and beach-front cabanas on the coast and Cayes. Back to Top

As a single traveler, do I need to pay a single supplement if I am willing to share accommodations?

No, if we are able to pair you up with another single traveler willing to share then there will be no additional single supplement. However, if we are unable to find a suitable match prior to your trip departure then the single supplement fee will apply. Back to Top

Is internet service available while traveling on a Belize adventure tour?

For the most part internet service is not available in the jungle lodges but is available at many of the coastal hotels. Back to Top

Will my cell phone work while on a Belize vacation?

This is a good question for your cell phone service provider. To work internationally, you'll most likely need a cell phone which uses a "GSM" network which is most widely used globally. In the U.S. AT&T and T-Mobile operate GSM networks while Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and several smaller carriers such as U.S. Cellular use the "CDMA" network which has less worldwide coverage than GSM. You'll want to check with your service provider regarding international coverage and make sure you understand exactly what you'll be charged for making calls and, if you have a smart phone, for using data (email/internet). Rates can be extremely expensive and we've heard horror stories of travelers returning home to find unexpectedly large bills for using their phone while traveling. Due to this, we generally recommend youunplug and don't use your cell phone while traveling. Your guides will be able to give you the best options for calling home and loved ones can contact you using the local phone numbers we provide on your final itinerary or Wildland's 24-hour emergency number.We recommend reviewing CNET's World Phone Guide for more information on international cell phone coverage.  Back to Top

Do your tours in Belize include international airfare? Do you have recommendations for the best routing and airlines to visit Belize?

None of our Wildland Adventure trips include international airfare, however we do include internal flights for our trips in Belize and Guatemala. The best pricing and routing for flights into Belize City Airport (BZE) is with Continental/United (connecting through Houston) or American Airlines (connecting through Miami). While Wildland Adventures does not book international airfare directly, we are pleased to provide a quote and schedule for your international air with our partners at Exito Travel, a leader in air travel worldwide. They offer highly competitive fares along with the knowledge to book the best airlines, routing and schedule for your Wildland Adventure. Contact your destination Program Director for more information. Back to Top

Is Belize a good destination for family adventure travel?

Belize is an excellent destination for a fun filled family adventure full of exotic wildlife, friendly people, and unique historical past. We equip your family with our top notch naturalist guides so that you are able to turn your family vacation into a stress free educational experience that will keep you captivated at every step. We generally recommend travel to Belize for children 5 years or older. Learn more (and watch a video) about Wildland Family Adventures to Belize. Back to Top