Cuba Seasons & Climate

Influenced by persistent northeasterly trade winds, Cuba’s tropical climate is moderated year-round by temperate climes to the north. There is no single month to avoid travel to Cuba as each season has some advantages.

Winter – Spring
December through April is high season in Cuba with the least rainfall and comfortable temperatures typically in the 70s F with an occasional cool front extending down from the north. December, January, and February can get cool at night when you will need a light jacket or sweater. This is also peak tourist season when popular locations are more crowded and prices tend to be higher.

Although humidity and temperatures are slightly higher in summer, typically around 80F, weather in Cuba in summer is similar to that of the Eastern Seaboard of the US, but tempered by the trade winds.

Temperatures are moderated from summer and peak tourist season has not begun so this is a great time to travel to Cuba.

Hurricane Season
Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June through early November with peak months in September and October. However, according to historic data from NOAA, Cuba trends out of the path of most hurricanes. Instead, this time of year inclement weather is more a matter of tropical storms that pass over the island from time to time.