About Cuba

For Americans, Cuba occupies a mysterious and complex place in the lexicon of our cultural and political history. Once beloved as a socialite playground, the Havana high life of the early 20th Century gave rise to the Communist revolution prompting an enduring embargo for generations. Now, as we open our Wildland Adventures on the largest Caribbean island, Cuba is the least commercialized and most fascinating isle of the Caribbean. While its political and economic isolation has held it back from development in the modern world, we explore the deep roots of Cuba’s traditional cultural heritage retained among its professionals and working class people living close to the land. Many of the sensual rhythms, political revolutions, art and passion of Latin America derive from the influences we experience traveling amongst the friendly, passionate, and sophisticated Cuban people you meet on our small group Wildland Adventures to Cuba.

We have waited until now, our 30th Anniversary of Wildland Adventures, to launch Cuba at a moment in history when more of the countryside is opening to tourism, and expanding US relations are fostering more open one-on-one encounters throughout the diverse isle built on centuries of African, Caribbean, Spanish, and indigenous influences - all with a rich legacy of political and social movements. Our active, culturally-rich explorations of Cuba are designed and led in collaboration with local Cuban guides and an insider expert American escort who introduce us to their friends and favorite street corners in Havana and vicinity, and who also lead us down rural roads to small towns and working farms where we discover local life visiting all walks of life including artisan workshops, sustainable agricultural projects, and music and dance traditions.

We kick-back over tropical cocktails in classic clubs and dine in some of Cuba’s best (and less touristy) paladares, privately owned restaurants and cafes. As the Cuban tourism infrastructure slowly catches up with the rest of the world, our accommodations range from superior hotels in urban areas to renovated casas particulares, private family-run B&Bs full of charm and character that open doors to local life at the start and end of each day.
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