About Vietnam

From the verdant rolling hillsides of Sapa in the North to the bustling boats and markets of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam is one of the most compelling destinations in Southeast Asia. Since the late 1980s, Vietnam has welcomed tourists, with a diverse geography, dramatic history, delectable foods, spectacular beaches, endless shopping, and welcoming people.  Vietnamese culture is a history lesson in its complexity and diversity. The markets are rich with meticulously created indigenous crafts reflecting centuries-old mercantile influences. Ancient temples show definite Chinese influences in the north while Hindu inspirations are seen to the south. The ever-growing urban centers with broad, tree-lined boulevards and grand state buildings harken the French colonial period.

In the north, you can experience the beauty of Halong Bay along with the timeless charm of Hanoi and the rich highlands of Sapa. In central Vietnam, you can revel in authentic Vietnamese culture through the coastal town of Hoi An and the beautiful architecture in Hue. Southern Vietnam the historic city of Ho Chi Minh City (still commonly referred to as Saigon) awaits. The south is also home to the Mekong Delta and with it a large amount of rice production. 

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