About Laos

Laos is perfect for those who have a passion for seeking out untamed destinations. Nestled among Southeast Asian travel giants Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is the lesser known, quieter sibling. Enjoy spectacular scenery, visit sacred temples and discover the laid-back charm of the friendly Lao people. Opened recently after years of war and isolation, Laos is known for its incredibly relaxed and welcoming citizens. Hammocks are a given and even the capitol and government center, Vientiene, is known for its captivating riverfront atmosphere. Laos is developing quickly, especially certain tracked areas, so Laos is truly a country that offers the Wildland traveler the chance to experience pristine nature and intact cultures by simply stepping off the beaten track a few steps.

In the North, you’ll find the UNESCO Heritage site of Luang Prabang on the banks of the mighty Mekong River. French influence mixes with a strong Buddhist philosophy resulting in a quiet grace and beauty you’re unlikely to find recreated in any other city. Epic jungles cloak the North and limestone karsts, like those found in Halong Bay, grace the center. Continuing south you’ll find thousands, four thousand to be exact, tropical islands, spread out in a lazy and winding section of the Mekong River. We even offer the option of staying on your own private island for the night where, if you’re lucky, you can venture out to meet the Mekong’s rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins.

Laos’ people are the highlight of every trip making community-based visits a must do. We have access to a number of home stays. Through close contact with ethnic minority villages such as the Hmong and Khmu, Wildland has developed a trusted network in the highlands of northern Laos and the Southern islands —places where very few Westerners have gone before.

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