About Cambodia

Home to Angkor Wat, the eighth wonder of the world, Cambodia is a striking country worth visiting as much for its people as for its culture. Many people run through this country too fast, ticking Angkor off their list and moving on. Cambodia is home to so much more. Be one of the people that explores Phnom Penh with its rough charm, Koh Rong Samloem with its endless, undeveloped white sand beaches, or the Cardamom Mountains, a wildlife-rich rainforest that was once a stronghold for the Khmer Rouge, which fewer than 1,000 tourists experience a year.

But the most satisfying experience one can have is the interaction with the people. In spite of what happened during the dark years of the Khmer Rouge, these people are the kindest people you’ll meet. They really want visitors to experience their country. There are so many great opportunities to interact with the local people and learn about their traditions, values, and lifestyle. Cambodian people are passionate about their history and the widespread influence of the ancient Khmer Empire. They’re proud of the mark their culture has left throughout Southeast Asia.

Travelers can have the trip of a lifetime if they open their mind and heart to this beautiful country and its people. Take the time in Phnom Penh to visit the National Museum and sample world-renowned freshwater fish dishes. Angkor Wat goes without saying – it is spectacular, it is breathtaking and it seems to become impressive each visit you make. Take the time to see the lesser known jungle temple of Beng Mealea. Stay the night in a luxury eco-camp that is run by the community and get to know the Khmer people on a personal level. Watch the sunset on Tonle Sap Lake and learn the traditional ways of fishing. Cambodia has so much to offer but its unique beauty is truly that it has so much to teach.

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