Zambia Seasons & Climate

Climate in Zambia is characterized by three distinct seasons. Winter is from May through August and is the most comfortable time to travel when conditions are cool and dry. Rivers and water sources recede creating good game viewing as wildlife congregates around water. Many roads into more remote areas are only passable during this dry season. Cool evening and early morning temperatures during this time of year require a sweater or lightweight jacket. Although it continues to be dry from September through mid-November and conditions on the ground remain accessible for travel, temperatures and humidity begin to rise especially in October and early November just prior to the onset of rains. Game is even more concentrated and if you can handle high temperatures (90°F) and humidity, then this is the ideal time for game viewing. Summer is from mid-November through the end of April and is characterized by warm to hot temperatures and rainy, wet conditions on the ground. The onset of the rains in the green season makes access to explore remote areas difficult and many seasonal camps are closed during this time. Game viewing is best during the dry season from May through to October. The wet season is best for bird watching.